Monday, October 11, 2010

Dem Classics: Chemical Workers For Mondale Ferraro Jugate

Look closely. At first glance it will look familiar, but as you can see it isn't the more widely seen Steelworkers button utilizing the same design. Unlike the Steelworkers jugate this button is anything but common. In fact, it wasn't even known in the hobby until 1987, three years after the election. Usually buttons from the main headquarters of major labor unions are easily found and generally flood the hobby. This one slipped by because of the union's location. Most American labor unions operate out of Washington D.C., but the international office of the now defunct Chemical Workers union was located in Akron, Ohio. After all these years only five of this 3 1/2" button are in the hands of collectors, which is very unusual for a litho. This is the Holy Grail of modern political labor buttons, and certainly no Mondale collection is complete without it.

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