Saturday, April 23, 2011

The event button that WASN'T there!

Event buttons are such a hot commodity in the hobby that vendors and collectors have seized the golden opportunity. They not only have an item that will sell well at the event, but they have a "collectors' item" that may bring a premium price in the hobby. The South Carolina Oprah Winfrey button is almost that kind of button, but not exactly. The wearer of the button might be able to claim "I Was There", but the button can't. It was made by a collector AFTER the event. That's right, it wasn't there. Does that detract from its significance? It had little to start with, and that revelation drops it to nothing. Unfortunately careless collectors paid high prices in auctions, but demand seems to have tapered off. I was asked about this button by a novice collector who had it high on his want list. I told him the facts about the button, and where he could purchase it since he wanted it so badly. Soon after he had it for sale at a premium price. I hate when that happens.

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