Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watch for the flood!

Tigereye just dumped the remaining supply of their Announcement button for 25 cents each. I don't know how many were cleared out, but I expect there were quite a few. I wouldn't pay much for it since it is going to be plentiful for years to come. I had suggested this back in 2008, but some collectors still paid premium prices. First of all it isn't official. Just because Tigereye produced the official buttons sold from the Obama Store, that doesn't mean every Tigereye Obama button is official. That company churned out hundreds of different vendor buttons, and this was among them. The Obama campaign did not sell it, and it wasn't actually sold at the event. A few were handed out, and they didn't come from the campaign staff. I know, because unlike every dealer who has sold this button I was actually at the event. The only pinback item the Obama campaign ordered for the Announcement is a super rare logo lapel pin with the word "Staff".

I don't understand the appeal of this button. It is pretty ridiculous looking, even by Tigereye standards. Okay, maybe it isn't quite as idiotic as their "Breakfast For Obama" button, but it's close. Tigereye uses a Steelworkers printing union label. Maybe they use Steelworkers for artists, too.

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